As a way to freedom and development to a higher level. It is positive and creative rather than being negative. It is not denial, rather an amplified expression of one's self. Another perception of one's dying in the Anthropocene. 

Understanding art as feedback, as the possibility field between potential and concretion, i am interested in switching the frames of references and mixing contexts. By alienating and compacting, collaging and layering, i Aim to abstract reality and realize abstraction - to question the borders and to re-design the common understanding of SElf and matter. Violence as a factor of interrelational transcendence is one of my starting points to create a new understanding of one´s own creational power and self- responsibility. with interventions and experiments i use the concept of body for getting back to self authorization. I want my art to transmorph and interference perpetually, projects are connected and mixed, extended and re-contexted. My work is a transforming process between Performance/ Visual Art / Sound/ Hybrid Installations and whatever comes next.